Threepotatofour is a Garden Route based multimedia design studio offering a comprehensive range of services. We handle all facets of the design process, from conceptualization right through to delivery of the final product. All services not executed in house are also outsourced to various skilled professionals in the field. We have our finger on the creative pulse of all things design related, thus ensuring that our designs are in line with current trends.  

Brand Development

We know what it takes to build a brand up from the ground. We sit and listen to your needs and then come up with perfect solutions to help you build your brand and project the way forward for your brand strategy. When done we can supply electronic documentation from Business Cards through to A full Brand Identity document.


We love to Illustrate and we do it well. Anything from a simple idea up to recreating a old logo from a decade old business card. Illustration makes us tick and will put everything into it

Digital solutions

We look for solutions to your digital nightmares. Present us with a problem and we will come up with the required solutions. Facebook, email campaigns and even online database management is just a few of what we can do. We do web and we do it with Pride, all our websites are built on the wordpress platform and we only use solutions that are responsive, that means your website will look good on all devices. (should we put Web into its own category?) We are also no strangers to App development and can help you with development across all platforms. We have 3 in house Code Monkey’s waiting to turn 1’s and zero’s into a visually pleasing packaged solution for your handheld device

Layout and Typesetting

We feed on typesetting and we do it with meticulous love and attention to details. We have been doing this for one of Africa’s biggest insurance companies for more than 11 years. We specialise in legal documentation and one of our typesetting Ninja’s is a qualified Legal Secretary. We understand print and aesthetics and will deliver crisp detailed press ready files that’s ready for production. We also know that the client's need these files electronically so we will pimp up your doc with hyperlinks, bookmarks and interactive elements. We also host documents on a dedicated cloud service so that they can be accessed remotely and it will always display 100% even on your phone and tablet (sorry, we can’t help it if you have a nokia 3310.

Microsoft Services

We have in-house Microsoft Ninja’s that can handle anything from the most complex MS-Word document to a Beautiful Powerpoint Presentation that packs a punch!